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1. Get a Big Inner Tube
You have been wanting to bring your kids boating with you, but you've been hesitant, because you want to make sure they have a great time, hopefully one that will last a lifetime. 

That's a lot to ask for especially when it comes to kids. A great day of boating can turn sour very quickly if you're not prepared to feed, entertain and care for the children on board the boat. How to avoid the day going south? Read on with some favorite, fun things that the kids should love. 
It's no secret that kids adore inner tubes. Kids are a lot more excited about getting out on the tube if you have a big one that can accommodate 3 or 4 kids. The tubes that only hold one or two can be a bit scary to younger children who have to go alone.

2. Stock Up With Fun Snacks

You have to have your boat loaded with snacks for the kids to enjoy the trip. Here are a some ideas that work well because they won't get the boat messy, and they stay good in the heat of the sun:

* Pretzels and mini marshmallows in a ziploc bag
* Sweet Potato French Fries in a bag (kids just love to grab handfuls!)
* Dried fruit
* Bread balls (just smoosh bread into little balls and the kids will love them!)

3. Bring Toys & Playdough

Little kids love to play with toys or playdough while us adults have our fun. Having a jar or bag of playdough in your boat can save you from otherwise spending your day trying to console your bored child who isn't interested in getting in the water.

4. Order Pizza to the Dock

Just call your local pizza parlor and give them directions to the dock. Pick up some pizzas and shove off. The kids will get a big kick when you call and order.

5. Get a Boat Slide

Boat slides can sometimes be a little expensive, but for kids they are tough to beat. Older kids may love wakeboarding and playing on the tube, but younger kids can be intimidated by the tube and prefer something right on the boat.

Now, Grab Your Kids and Have Some Fun!

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