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At L&H Boats, we build custom walk-around sport fishing boats the right way.
  • Cost Effective
  • Ample Storage
  • Easy Inspection
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Finished Fiberglass

What We Offer

Uncompromised craftsmanship in a sport fishing walk-around boat, designed to satisfy your passion for accessibility, versatility and safety. At L&H Boats in Stuart, Florida, we build boats the way they should be built. One at a time and to the exacting specifications of our customers. You'll be involved throughout the process as your boat becomes a craft that is all your own.
From the bottom up, all L&H boats are hand-laid, composite construction…solid and rot-free. The hull design provides exceptional stability and cruises comfortably at over 30 knots in most sea conditions. You will also find the trolling characteristics are excellent in all sea directions. With inboard diesels and a low center of gravity, our boats feel and act like a much larger vessel.
Custom design
From the moment you decide to own a sport fishing walk-around boat built by L&H Boats, you will enter a realm of collaborative design, precision construction, customization and attention to detail. You will also enjoy one of the most recognized customer service programs anywhere.
Owner benefits
Becoming a part of the L&H Boats family is not like any other experience. It is a shared understanding. Before we begin working on a single part of the project, we want your input on the design. We work one-on-one with our customers to learn what you want and hope for in your new L&H boat.
One of kind
Our one-of-a-kind custom construction process allows us to finely balance your needs for fishing performance, fuel efficiency and luxury - all while never sacrificing the legendary L&H ride. We've all heard the phrase “ultimate fishing boat,” but L&H Boats delivers what it promises.

Built on tradition

When you walk into the construction bay of L&H Boats, you immediately experience the exciting feeling of absolute dedication to superior craftsmanship. You take note of the variety of sights and sounds of busy craftsmen at work. You become aware of the beauty of the finely detailed finishes. You can't help but feel the aura of pride that each of our craftsmen have in their work. This is the mettle of a boat building family. We are all working toward one common goal, the completion of the boat you have been dreaming about building your whole life.

Rugged construction

It is a steadfast pursuit for L&H Boats to build the perfect boat for the avid sport fisherman. Our primary goal is to create an offshore ride that is strong, durable, and stable. This means that every aspect of construction is carefully thought out. Many years of quality, handcrafted boat building have produced enduring style and rugged, reliable performance. L&H Boats are built without compromise. They are well known as seaworthy vessels designed to handle the roughest waters. We want your L&H boat to deliver the most seaworthy offshore ride available.

Peak performance

True craftsmen, not construction laborers, make up the team that builds your L&H boat. From the beginning, L&H Boats becomes a dynamic workplace where these highly skilled boat building professionals bring your dream to life. Your boat will be built through a process that starts with a hand laid up hull, moving to engine installation and systems rigging, and finally to interior joiner work, the beautiful finish and bright work. Your boat is being crafted by specialists, each taking true pride in their task. At peak performance, the 33’ cruises at 30 knots at just over 1 gallon per mile.

Customer dedication

We don’t just build boats. At L&H, we are also committed to a positive ownership experience. When you call with an issue, a question, or to schedule routine maintenance, we provide a positive response with a "can do" attitude. We place a premium on the relationship we have with each customer because we expect to be doing business with you for many years to come. Not only are we boat builders, but also your team, always working to develop honest and trustworthy relationships. When it comes to service and maintenance, we are there for you, whatever you need.

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