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About L&H Boats

Sport fishing boat builders since 1992.

L&H Boats delivers an experience of sport fishing yacht ownership and enjoyment built upon exceptional construction processes and the highest standards of workmanship.

Each L&H model is a custom fulfillment of the owner's standards of quality and comfort.

Combining the most advanced methods and materials for boat building with long-established craftsmanship, L&H Boats embodies the very best in custom sport fishing boat construction.

With L&H Boats' incomparable sport fishing boat building reputation, no fish is safe.

Our sports fishing boats are equipped with plenty of innovation and the latest technology. That means a unique hull design that delivers a smooth ride and exceptional stability to propel you to the best fishing locations quickly and comfortably.

The Build Process

Sport Fishing Walk-Around
Building an L&H Sport Fishing Walk-Around is a dynamic process that combines your desires with our construction expertise and commitment to excellence. It starts with our design team getting to know you. We will want to know how you intend to use the boat and where you expect to use it. We will ask you for details about what you liked about previous boats, as well as those features you did not really like. We want you to describe your dreams for the ideal sport fishing walk-around.
Sketches and Concept Art
Next, we will be drawing sketches of boats and concepts of individual features you may have described. Here, you will be able to take advantage of our experience in building a similar layout and using the records from our builds as a template to spec out your boat. Since many of the details were previously forged, we can provide you with a firmer price in line with what you set out to pay upon completion. For example, if you choose the 33’ Walk-Around, you still get the craftsmanship and attention to detail that L&H Boats is known for, but you’re not saddled with making what may amount to hundreds of decisions involved in building a custom boat from scratch.
Completely Seaworthy
Most importantly you can count on us to do our best to accommodate your wishes without compromising your safety. We can confidently assure you that your L&H Boat will be completely seaworthy. We will also help guide your design process by ensuring there is no unnecessary complexity or burden you with unnecessary features.
Akiba L&H 33' Walk-around cruising at night

Custom Construction

Once you decide on the design and layout, all of our manpower and materials will be designated to your project and every part and process will undergo disciplined quality control with a sharp eye kept on schedule and budget. You’ll be informed of every step along the way, and asked to engage with our team with as much input as you feel is necessary.

The build process will provide you with the opportunity to bond with the people who design and build your boat. Our family of craftsmen at L&H Boats take great pride in the construction of each boat, and we look forward to inviting you to become part of our family all throughout the process.

Perfect Fisherman's Platform

L&H walkaround decks' designs are meticulously coupled with functional & practical features throughout making this an ideal angler's platform.

Our Story

Began with a partnership in 1992
L&H Boats, Inc. began in 1992 with the partnership of John Meyer and Glenn Muller. John grew up in New Jersey and as an avid fisherman, he fished on many boats. From the Bertram Moppie 31' to the Garlington 63', and from Striper fishing along the coast to offshore trips to the canyon, John began to form a dream of the perfect fishing boat. Having features found in much larger boats, but still small enough to be handled without the need of a captain and mate, the L&H 33' would be affordable as well. His vision was of a walk-around design, allowing the angler 360 degrees of fishing space.
Affordable speed & reliability
The boat would be powered by inboard diesel, affording speed and reliability. A high finish inside and out would make cleanup and maintenance fast and easy. Glenn's expertise is in the building of fiberglass boats. He began building commercial fishing boats in New England and has been molding fiberglass boats in Florida since 1984. He had the opportunity to work for Richard Garlington building high-end custom sportfishing boats, initially as a carpenter on cold-molded wooden boats. When Garlington started their first all-fiberglass 44', Glenn became the foreman of the growing fiberglass shop.
Success lead to expansion
With the success of the 44', Garlington looked to expand. This led to the development of the Garlington 61', a classic still being built today. Glenn met John Meyer while Garlington was building a 63' sportfishing boat for the Meyer family. John's vast knowledge of fishing, coupled with many years of experience on different boats, gave him the vision for the L&H 33'. Glenn's contribution is the practical side, coming from his knowledge and familiarity with the methods and materials of modern boat building, making a strong, fast boat and fitting in the many required systems.

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