Marine Refinishing and Restoration

We provide a full line of restoration services from basic maintenance to full scale, show-quality complete restorations.

We execute all phases of restoration: mechanical, electrical & interior restorations, fiberglass and paint work on all types of vessels.

Marine Paint & Gelcoat Spraying is a large part of not only marine restoration but overall basic marine services. We have a full paint booth and certified marine painters using quality products like Awlgrip, Imron, Interlux & others.

If you'd like to see us in action, we can refer you to our 13-episode series filmed here at MCU.

  • We have converted Inboard / Outboards to Outboard Bracketed Boats.
  • We have stretched boats
  • We have added chimes to boats
  • We have a boat line in production of our own (Bullet Powerboats), anticipated launch late in 2020.

We get a lot of calls from people all over the country asking us,“How Much & When”, for this type of work,  so we try to do our best just going off your pictures, but it’s just an “Estimate”.

Any refinishing or retrofit job needs to be reviewed in person so we can inspect the structural integrity and other items many DIY or Non-boat builders might miss with the few pictures they send over.

We will go as far as to say that we are not the “cheapest guy in town”as others will call us, thinking we can provide “Craigslist-Type” pricing which is simply not possible with our overhead, skillset and client demand.

Any boat that comes into our shop (for any reason) will be seen/touched and is the responsibly of at least 4 of our crew (and that’s just for one department-type of work) so we have to bill accordingly. 

We do work with budgets, we help fix and finish other fiberglass jobs; however, if you catch us during a busy part of our year our pricing and turn time will be adjusted accordingly or we simply can’t help you. 

I can’t tell you how many people call us up after seeing our shows on Florida Sportsman saying I want to do XYZ to my ABC Boat…not realizing that these processes take not only time but real budgetary commitments. 

Brian O’Donnell (owner)


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