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The absolutely brilliant L&H 43' sportfishing walkaround boat is nearing construction completion. The excitement about the newest walkaround sport fishing yacht is contagious when you visit the Stuart, Florida boat yard where it is being built. It is quickly apparent upon perusal that the end product is destined be bold and powerful, with a striking appearance equal to its superior performance. L&H Boats has jumped into the walkaround market in a big way and there is no doubt that the 43-footer will be at the forefront of the sport-fishing industry. 

Designed in-house by the L&H Engineering team with Glenn Muller at the helm, the new 43-Foot Walkaround has been billed as one of the most important and innovative launches in the entire history of walkarounds. The new yacht has wide walkaround spaces anglers need and love. The objective was to try and perfect the walkaround with a fantastic fishing platform. The new boat is an evolution in design and takes into account what the craftsmen at L&H Boats have learned along the way. 

As any devoted sport fishing angler can testify, the walkaround style of boat has many attributes that make it ideal for any size boat, however the 43-foot model is going to rock the sport fishing world. Obviously, the walkaround gives you 360-degree fishing, allowing you to handle multiple hookups more effectively, but it also gives you more versatility when drifting while bottom fishing and adds a huge safety factor for all forward activities that are typically done on sport-fishing boats.

Given the possibilities brought on by modern design, you can now get hardcore fishing abilities along with some creature comforts after all. The well-designed walkaround 43-footer by L&H Boats offers ease of passage from the stern to bow. Once completed, it will be an all-in-one boat powered by a Cummins Diesel QSC 600 HP engine. The Cummins diesel produces a low-frequency sound that fish are not afraid of. It will cruise in the low 30-knot range with a top range of 37-knots. The boat also boasts a forward berth with storage underneath, a galley, full head and shower.

Two of the most important design elements were seating and a single-level deck. A wide walkaround alley is important, as well. As a bonus, the walkaround design doubles as a great family vessel, allowing all ages to enjoy the action whether fishing, cruising or relaxing at the sand bar.

From a fishing perspective, the 43-footer walkaround can do it all. Anchoring for yellowtail snapper will be effortless. Trolling is great in a walkaround. You don’t have to fish like you’re in a flybridge boat. The first angler to hook up moves to the bow. All other lines are still in the water, fishing. Multiple hookups are much easier. South Florida kite-fishing from a walkaround has been described as having an unfair advantage.

The magic that the new L&H 43-foot vessel will possess is the fact that they are easier to run, fish, and maintain than a larger flybridge vessel. Glenn Muller believes that the anglers will get a real sense of being in the center of the action.

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