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I would venture to guess that most people would rather go boating in the sun, rather than during inclement weather. However, as we especially know in South Florida, the weather has its own mind and out of the clear blue come the clouds and the rain. That doesn’t have to put an end to the joys of boating. It just takes a little creativity to get the most out of the situation. As long as there is not a thunderstorm and pouring rain, you can get into many activities while cruising with your motor yacht or sailing on your sailboat. 
We would like to remind everyone that swimming during a thunderstorm is a terrible idea. Don’t risk your life going swimming just for the adventure moment if there is too much heavy rain or lightning. If you walk on the decks while it is wet, make sure you wear shoes with an excellent grip to avoid slipping. Remember: “Safety first!” The activities you can do inside the boat during the rain are the same as you would do while on land . 

Some Fun Things You Can Do While Boating in the Rain
#1 Go Fishing. Fishing is as enjoyable whether the sun is shining or if there is light rain. There is usually less boat activity in the water on rainy days, which means more fish are around. Get your tackle and catch the dinner. REMEMBER - safety first!

#2 Watch a Movie. What a perfect time to watch a classic movie. Make some popcorn and enjoy your own little world while boating in the rain. Certainly helps to boost your mood.

#3 Card Games. A deck of cards can save you from boredom when onboard, and there is nothing else to do. People of all ages play cards. Just keep the gambling to a minimum – lol. 

#4 Be Creative. If you are the creative type, you can use the rainy time to draw, start a novel, or write a song if you’re a budding musician. Rain acts as a great muse. All of these activities have been proven to be fantastic remedies to reduce stress levels

#5 Take a Nap. Taking a nap is a luxury not everyone can enjoy in this day and age. Well, take a nap then and enjoy a relaxing sleep under the sound of the splashing waves and the rain. If the sea is not rough, take the chance to lie down outside under a cover and also enjoy the fresh air. 

#6 Read a Book. This is a classic activity you can do anywhere. However, avoid reading if the boat is rolling because you might feel seasick . 

#7 Board Games. They are a great way to pass the time while it is raining outside. It is something for the whole family. Make sure you have a few types of games onboard or in your bag before boarding . 

#8 You Caught the Dinner, Now It’s Time to Go Crazy in the Kitchen. If you like cooking, prepare the dinner yourself. Whether it will be the fish you have gotten or prepare something with the products you already have, get creative, cook with your kids, surprise your wife or go for a cooking lesson from your chef onboard . 

#9 Organize a Romantic Lunch or Dinner. Rain should not be an issue; it might make the moment more romantic. It might get chilly when it rains; you better cuddle. 

#10 Go For a Swim. The water feels warmer than usual when it rains. Take a swim; enjoy the silky feeling of the water and the gentle tickling of the raindrops. Important note! Don’t enter the water if there is lightning! 

#11 Scuba Diving. Scuba diving is also a good idea if the water is calm. While there is not much happening on the surface, the underwater world is going wild. However, note that the light under the surface might be minimal if there are many dark rainy clouds . 

We just listed some of the boating activities you can do while boating in the rain. You probably have a lot more which will match your taste. Always remember - to have fun and enjoy. You can’t do anything against the weather, so accept the conditions and enjoy the many activities you can do while it rains. The views after the rain are always stunning! Sunsets are can be glorious, just open yourself up! Happy boating!. 

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