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The classic sport fishing walkaround is the must-have boat for anglers who want the freedom to experience many types of fishing including offshore deep sea, in the inlet waterway, along the beach, in the islands and beyond. Sport-fishing walkarounds allow free movement on the boat and are ideal for lengthy fish-fighting. 
This story is about a fishing boat that is designed to offer 360-degrees of fishability, thanks to unobstructed passage ways around the boat from the stern to the bow. With the walk-around boat, you can easily walk to the bow to man the anchor or to fight a fish. Custom built walkarounds like the ones built by L&H Boats in Stuart, Florida also have a tower, a cabin, two live wells in the deck, a small well in the bow and a transom fish box and are further customizable to meet the angler’s needs. The fact is that the walkaround sport fishing design is a dedicated fisherman’s dream boat. 

It is interesting to note that most sport fishing walkarounds combine open hull architecture with some of the characteristics of an express-cruiser. (For those who may not know… an express-cruiser is a fast cruising boat.) So, the walkarounds are fast, highly maneuverable boats. They also feature an open steering station leading to a closed front deck. Access to the front deck is achieved through passages on the sides of the center console. These boats really allow free movement on the boat and lengthy fish-fighting 
The best walkaround boats are all about providing a terrific combination of fishing amenities. They typically secure access all around the perimeter of the boat. They have a cabin with a berth and a head for over-night trips. The cabin is also an essential feature when you need to escape from nasty weather, as well as for securing gear 

Walkaround boats may range in size from 18 feet to 50 feet in length, but the most popular models are in the 30 to 44 foot length. The key element in any walkaround is the 360 degree unobstructed passage way that offers access all around the boat, for fighting or landing a fish, dropping anchor or handling dock lines, or just for reaching a comfortable area for relaxation on the bow.

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